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How the NBA can Equal (or perhaps surpass) the Popularity of the NFL…..

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On February 1st, 2014 Adam Silver took over as Commissioner of the National Basketball Association from the 30 year reign of David Stern.

Stern did an admiral job by most accounts of taking a Sport that at one time showed their Finals on tape delay to present day where Basketball is the second most played Sport next to Soccer World Wide, The NBA is definitely one of the reasons for that fact, they have marketed their product to all Continents and promote their Stars better than any other Sport, helped by the fact that there is no equipment hiding the faces of the Stars like helmets or facemasks.

Yet, in America the National Football League is exponentially more popular….I believe there are a few reasons for this and if the NBA is able to make some changes can at the very least keep pace with American Football.


1. The first is Obvious…..Gambling.!

The NFL like the NBA does not directly endorse Gambling on it’s Sport, but their are things the NFL does that assists Gambling that the NBA does not, including a shorter regular season that makes each game more important and lessens the chance of exhausting the SuperStars who bring Eyeballs to any Sport.

Mandating Coaches to announce lineups/injury’s ahead of game time….at least 2 hours before would be reasonable.

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2. Expansion to markets like Seattle that didn’t deserve their to lose their team in the first place and Vancouver who lost their team when the Canadian Dollar was drastically worth less than the American and can now be a viable market capable to support a NBA team.

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3. In a few years the NBA will renew their League wide T.V. package with networks like ESPN, TNT and ABC along with all the regional deals that each team has for what will be unsurpassed revenue because young Fans are dedicated to the product and hence should be rewarded with lower ticket prices ,especially for upper bowl seats, there should be no reason why a billion dollar business like this who count on their young fans should now be able to reward that dedication to the T.V. and Online product by being able to attend a few games a season without monetary concerns.

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4. Starting the Regular Season later, my suggestion is December 25th and push the Playoffs into July when Nothing except boring Baseball is on, that way they do not go head to head with a majority of the NFL season or College Football.

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5. Push the age limit for the Entry Draft to 21, but must be done in conjunction with the Players getting PAID in College…..and it would make the College game Better.!

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…..There are more things the NBA can do, but it’s time for Adam Silver to get to work on these few…then we can suggest some more.



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